Seamless and reliable local market representation customized to your needs.

Valour Heritage

Your Best Choice

We act as a local market representative helping clients from different industries and cities in Nigeria to source UAE market for goods and assets they seek to purchase or invest in. Whether you’re new to importing goods from Dubai or simply want to make a switch from your current agent, Valour Heritage is the best choice for you. We are highly reliable and partnered with various local and international suppliers in jewelry, furniture, textile, electronics and automobile industries.    

Advanced Local Market Knowledge and Experience.


Conflict of Interest

Valour Heritage independently represent our clients with zero conflict of interest in diverse business transactions. We go beyond sourcing and purchasing of goods to transporting them safely to any destination in Nigeria. We also assist clients in opening a branch of their company in Dubai or incorporating a  completely new company for an extensive presence in the region. Partner with us today for a guaranteed value for your money and time.

Make a Pick


Market sourcing

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Tell us what you want and we will find it for you at the best market price


Custom clearance

Utilize our specialized and efficient team for quick and hassle-free custom clearance in UAE and Nigeria.


Business Incorporation

Our portfolio of local sponsors and experts will ensure a quick business setup process and 100% satisfaction

We deliver consistent high Returns On Investment

Getting a local partner to provide you the best value for your money has never been easier.