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Get the best exchange rates on your money transfer to and from Nigeria.

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Transfer money to and from Dubai at the best market rates. We have built an excellent reputation in speedily helping individuals and companies to remit money home or send money to Dubai for the purchase of goods and services. Whether you want to send money to a bank account or as cash pickup, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Get more on your money transfer. Get the best exchange rates with low transfer fees so that you can save and send more on every transfer. Thanks to our wide range of correspondent banks, we ensure a fast and secure bank-to-bank fund transfer to Nigeria and other African countries. You can transfer money to your loved ones, to an agent or to your own bank account within 24hrs, no matter the day or season.

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Send money through wire transfer to any recipient in Nigeria and Dubai. terms and conditions apply.


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Send money to your own personal or company bank account without dealing with high inter-bank transfer fees.


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Send money directly to a loved one, business partner or supplier’s bank account at low transfer fees.

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